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Cream City Lodge Recognizes Donors

This holiday season, the FOP Cream City Lodge experienced an outpouring of generosity that transformed our Christmas Party into a memorable celebration. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our donors who made this festive event possible. Your thoughtful gifts and contributions not only brightened the season for our members and their families but also strengthened the sense of community within the FOP Cream City Lodge.

We would like to recognize the following donors whose generosity has left a lasting impact, creating joyous memories and exemplifying the true spirit of giving:

  • Uhle's Cigars

  • The Explorium Brew Pub

  • Ray's Butcher Shoppe

  • Tobacco World LTD.

  • Discount Liquor

These businesses have demonstrated a commitment to our organization's well-being, and we encourage you to consider them for your future needs. Your patronage will not only support local businesses but will also contribute to the continued success of our community initiatives.

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